Tooth Extraction During Pregnancy Is Allowed Only for Certain Conditions

Various actions against the teeth, including tooth extraction during pregnancy, are often questioned for safety. Though not infrequently pregnant women experience complaints of toothache and require action to overcome them. Toothache during pregnancy often feels annoying, especially if the tooth is damaged and must be removed. However, overcoming dental disorders during pregnancy can not be done haphazardly. There are many factors that must be considered, including an increase in hormones in the body that can cause swollen gums, bleeding, and easy to occur infection around the teeth or in the oral cavity. Is it Safe to Extract Teeth When Pregnant? There are some dental disorders that often occur during pregnancy such as inflammation of the gums, cavities, or infection of the gums. The severity of this condition varies, some conditions are mild and some are classified as severe. If the tooth decay experienced is severe enough, it is not impossible that the doctor recommends doing
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